Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Christmas Crafts

I realize it is now April 2013, but I wanted to share a couple things that I made for the holidays.

First is a tree skirt I made from blue cotton fabric and burlap. Burlap is quite the 'it' thing right now and why not jump on that bandwagon, right?  Ever since our first Christmas as a married couple, I have been looking for the perfect tree skirt to add to our decorations. I looked and looked and could never commit to any of them because they just weren't what I was looking for. I finally found one I liked on Pinterest last year and set out to make it for myself. I bought a cheap-o tree skirt from the dollar store to use as a base or template and instead of hot gluing the strips of fabric and burlap on like the lady did in her tutorial, I decided to fire up my sewing machine and sew the fabric strips on. I can honestly say it was one of the easiest things to make and I am so pleased with how the tree skirt turned out. Also, by sewing on the strips of fabric, my tree skirt turned out nice and 'fluffy'. My sister-in-law made one also, but glued her strips and it turned out less 'fluffy' than she was expecting.

Another item....or three....that I made were snowflakes made from skinny tree limbs from my parents Globe Willow tree they cut down last fall. The tree was dying and had to be cut down because some critter decided to burrow into the trunk of the tree and it started to decay and rot and rather than having the tree fall and crush the fence, my parents cut the entire thing down. So I took the opportunity to save some of the smaller limbs to make decorations for various holidays and occasions. I have pictures somewhere on my computer, but am unable to locate them at this time. I'll post them once I find them. 

In my search for my wood snowflakes, I found pictures for some Halloween and Fall decorations I made that I will be posting when I get the chance. I know they'll be out of order, but its better to have them be out of order than not posted at all, right?! 

Thanks for viewing and happy crafting :)

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