Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beanies and Booties and Flowers, Oh My!

I've been in a crocheting mood the last couple days and so far I have finished two projects in the last two days.

First, is a pair of booties called the Camellia Booties that I purchased from Vita A. of the Mon Petit Violon designs at

The flowers are different colors but the yarn all came from the same skein which is pictured behind the booties. I think its kinda cute and unique with both flowers being different :)

Secondly, I made a beanie called the Squiggle n'Swirl that was also purchased on Etsy at The lady that wrote this pattern is another extremely creative woman named Kristi Simpson. The beanie is super darling and I really hope it fits whoever's baby I give it to. It is very simple and very easy to make. I may just make one for my little Pumpkin for the upcoming winter.

I'm currently working on a third project and after I'm finished I will make another and post instructions step-by-step, but until I'm finished, I'm not revealing what it is that I'm making :)

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