Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's "Fall" into Halloween!

Sorry for the cheesy post titles. I'm kind of a cheesy person and I think they're fun :) 

Alright, so I found this really cute wreath on Pinterest (big surprise, huh?) and I wanted to make one for my door since my front door has never really been adorned with anything cute anywhere Dadoo and I have lived. Of course, you always set out to make an EXACT copy of the one you saw on the internet, but making an exact copy is never in the cards when it comes to items like this. You can usually get pretty close, unless you know the person who actually made the original and they told you where they got everything, which is a long shot. So I went to the fabric store and, just my luck, they had most of the materials on sale! I got 4 yards each of orange and brown tulle which ended up only costing my about $4 for all the tulle. Lucky me! The original wreath I found didn't have the fall accents with the leaves and pine cones and whatever else came in the 'fall clump of stuff' as I call it. The original had berry-like jewels on it plus brown curliques and fabric flowers. I looked everywhere for similar items and came up with the 'fall clump of stuff' and the silver curlies. I made my own flowers from fabric I had left over from previous projects and added some extra tulle to add a little more flair. The wreath was really simple. All you do with the tulle is just lie each strip on. I cut my strips about 3-4" wide. I believe I got about 22 strips from both colors of tulle. 

I found a really cute printable online for Halloween as well as a banner to make out of scrapbook paper. They're nothing fancy, but I like 'em :) I also found a way to recycle old egg cartons into bats and hung them from my ceiling.

Hope y'all enjoyed seeing these fun things and happy crafting!


  1. Seriously cute!! I think Fall/ Halloween need to get here ASAP! Let's just skip the summer! Who likes summer anyway? lol

  2. I know, right?! I LOVE the Fall! I especially want this Fall to come faster so I can meet our Baby Boy :)