Monday, July 25, 2011

Rolled Fabric Flower Headband

I was in a craft store a couple months ago and they had a display table out with different crafts laid out on them with copies of the patterns right next to each item. One item they had on display was a really cute headband with 2 flowers made from rolled fabric. I grabbed a copy of the pattern and it has sat in my craft bag since then. Dadoo and I had a family reunion this past weekend with family pictures being one of the things we were doing so I decided it was time to make some cute matching headbands for Pumpkin and I to wear in our family picture.

I've also decided that this post will be a tutorial as opposed to my other posts merely stating where I got the pattern or simply showing a picture of the finished project. So here goes:

Materials you'll need:
2 corresponding fabrics of choice
3"x3" piece of felt (approximately)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
1/2" width braided elastic
2 Jewels, rhinestones, or buttons
Velcro (optional)
Feathers or tulle (optional)
Cutting board or other surface to use while gluing

Step one:

Cut 2 strips of fabric- one strip 3"x12", the other strip 3"x8"

Step two:

Take one strip and roll it on the bias into a tube shape.

Step three:

Curl one end in and secure with a small dab of hot glue.

Continue twisting and curling fabric around as loose or as tight as you want the flower to be. Secure every inch or so with a dab of hot glue.

Once you've reached the end of the fabric, tuck end under and secure with glue.

Step four:

Put some hot glue on your piece of felt and place fabric flower onto felt.

Step five:

Add any jewel, rhinestone, or button to the middle of your flower.

Repeat steps 1-5 with other strip of fabric.

Step six:

Once you have both flowers glued onto your piece of felt, cut the flowers out as close to the base of the flower as possible.

Step seven:

Take elastic and cut a piece big enough for a headband to fit your head. Glue the ends together overlapping just slightly so as to add some more tension to the elastic once its worn.

Step eight:

This next step is personal preference--if you want to make more flowers and be able to interchange them then I suggest cutting some pieces of velcro and gluing one side to the back of the flower and the other side to the headband. If you just want permanent flowers, then place some glue along the elastic over the part you've glued together (so as to create a seamless headband) and place your flowers onto the elastic band. Once the flowers are secured, place a dab of glue in between the two flowers to hold them together.

Step nine:

This step is optional--you can glue either feathers or pieces of tulle to the back of your flowers to add a unique touch.

Happy crafting!

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  1. Great tutorial. These were fun to do. Thanks for showing us girls how to make them.